Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I'm relatively new at baking. I started because I was bored and addicted to Ace Of Cakes. Prior to deciding that cake decorating was going to become my next creative outlet I created cakes that could have belonged on Cake Wrecks. My first cake was a cookie cake for my husband's birthday (he won't touch actual cake) was a green monstrosity that was burned on the edges and raw semi-warm cookie in the middle. To his credit, he ate it and smiled but the perfectionist in me was not happy. Thankfully there is no evidence of this first infraction.

About a year and a half later, I decided to try again, this time with a Halloween cake for our annual party. I had been watching Ace Of Cakes religiously for a while by now and discovered that there were websites with step by step instructions and patterns for creating awesome cakes (Wilton's website in particular). This spoke to my inner engineer and my first decent cake was created (ignore the Christmas plate, which was the largest I owned).

After much trial and error with cakes, I realized how much easier (and less frustrating) it was for me to focus on cupcakes. I started doing those instead of cakes or cookie cakes (my husband still gets his annual cookie cake though). Eventually though chocolate and vanilla got boring and I gained enough knowledge to start experimenting with new recipes, even making my own. And that brings us to the point to this blog; sharing my growing collection of recipes, cupcake designs, and general frustration with frosting not doing precisely what I need it to do.