Friday, March 15, 2013

Australia - Melbourne

Day 4
We flew into Melbourne, Australia (not FL) on the morning of our fourth day. A quick bite at McDonalds (they have an Aussie lamb burger that is actually pretty good over there), we caught the plane. Upon our arrival we caught a couple buses to our hotel, got our trolley passes, and were off. We grabbed a couple beers and some amazing calamari from pub across the street from the state parliament building while we waited for the Carlton Curry House (an amazing Indian restaurant) to open for dinner. On our way there, we walked chinatown and found a large urban cache in an alleyway. After a delicious dinner, it was for the Fun. concert. Since they weren't coming anywhere near Florida when we looked for their tour dates, we looked in Australia and they happened to be playing our first night in Melbourne. The venue was small so we got an awesome view of the concert, which was amazing!

Day 5
We started the next day at the botanical gardens, looking at all sorts of awesome, exotic plants, flowers, and even a cacti garden. We then grabbed a quick lunch at a Japanese restaurant in one of the many malls , where I tried shark nigiri for the first time (yummy!). We then decided to tour the Old Melbourne Goal, where we learned all about Melbourne's criminal history, including the story of Ned Kelley. I got a little freaked out in the cell where people were held before their execution. After the creepy tour, we stopped at this hipster bar in an alley made entirely out of shipping containers for a much needed drink before continuing on to dinner. James found this amazing Mexican restaurant where I got delicious bug tails (a type of lobster) and James got some yummy smokey tequila. The place was decorated with amazing Day of the Dead artwork, including the wine glasses, which had sugar skulls etched in them.

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